Patdragon's Actions Week 1

3 Explore with Chuck For a few rounds or on own if he doesn’t want me, (i will be looking out for places that might have books, or magics)

dc 15
Foraging Skill: 0


(Village, Building, Resources, Adventurers)
2 (building) (Abandoned, Inhabited) (Inhabited) (Farm, Inn, Guard Tower, Warehouse) (Guard Tower) (How many occupants? 1d10) (9 Guards)


dc 10
roll 1: 19
Roll 3: 18
(+guards, +5 DC)
DC 15

Stealth: 0

Roll: 18 (Not spotted)

(Nice damn rolls for you. Stealthy frickin eyeball.)
(Eyeball dudes don’t have Foraging and Stealth as their “Race” skills, as such, they gain only half the exp a normal race would. Another race would have ended up with 15 Foraging exp and 30 Stealth exp from this run. That said.. Beholder with Stealth? Pretty nifty combo. Potentially OP.)

Gained 9 Foraging Exp
Gained 15 Stealth Exp

4 Meditate in D’jinn chamber on spell lore….and enchantments.
[AP to Use:3+4]

Going half Lore and Half enchantments, since you didn’t specify. 1: Lore, 2: ench, 3: lore, 4: ench

DC 10
(No library bonus)
(No books bonus)

Rage and anger lashed at the mind of the creature that was once an elite professional gamer named Patdragon. He had devoted his life in the real world to gaming, and was capable of even making a winning off it, competing in tournament after tournament of Hugcraft, a game where you controlled small teddy bears, kittens, ponies, and unicorns on a strategic map, in order to “Hug” the enemy into submission. Inventing a tactic known as the “Hugrush” skyrocketed him to his position as the number one Hugcraft gamer. Now, however, he was trapped inside of a round, slobbering ball of hunger and lethargy. He was angry. Angery enough to punch a wall.

He also had no hands, and couldn’t even throw a proper fit, with no legs. Worst of all, he constantly kept forgetting to tell himself to float, and would fall to the cold, hard, stone floor, rolling almost to the exit of the mines, before catching himself and floating back up to the D’jinn crystal. It was after one of these events that Kida reached the D’jinn Crystal, just in time to see Patdragon lash out with his Eyebeam on one of the Gremlins, giving it a mild shock, and hover off out of the mines in a huff.

Kida snickered, settling down near the D’jinn Crystal, for a bit of a nap. This nap lasted for about five minutes, before a gremlin mistook him for a bean bag and hopped on him, flopping down and spreading out his arms. The Gremlin soon scampered off, getting back up after an angry eyebeam from Kida sent him flying into the wall, arms and legs sprawled.

Patdragon bounced and bobbed into the sunlight, his cyclopean eye shutting against the flare of the outside world, before slowly adjusting. This only served to make him even more angry, and he began to explore the world surrounding their little mine. He traveled for a good three hours, fuming and trying to sort his thoughts. He saw the guard tower from almost a mile away, pausing suddenly and slowly floating into the bushes, an action that would be comical, if he wasn’t a giant floating combination of eyeball and gaping maw.

The longer he started at the guard tower, the better it seemed to draw into focus, and soon, he was able to count the exact number of occupants, and what they were wearing. He quickly realized that they were all wearing chainmail and performing patrols to the surrounding countryside on an almost constant basis, with two occupants armed with bows at the top of the tower at all times. Obviously, these were guards, meant to destroy monsters, and there were at least nine of them. Cautiously, Patdragon floated away, back to the mines.

One might think that a floating ball, dripping a thick trail of drool, would attract some attention, however, somehow, Patdragon managed not to. Almost as if a spell of invisibility was cast upon him, he made it back to the D’jinn Crystal without incident. His giant eye shut, as his mind raced. His emotions in turmoil, he tried to sort them, only to feel a strong, firm voice echoing at the back of his mind. “It seems you D’jinn-Born are having trouble adjusting to this world. You are not from it, are you? That would explain a fair bit. Yes, you all lack the ritual protections that allow us, through the D’jinn Crystal, to possess our creatures, and control them, without allowing them to fight back, or their minds to seep into our own. This must be quite the adjustment for your kind. The creature you inhabit is a creature of magic, bred for that solitary purpose. The hunger you feel is for mana itself, the only source for my creatures being my Crystal. Slip into your mind, and I will impart some of my information to you, so that you can better find your place in my Dungeon.”
(Random spell potential on crits)
(D’jinn Heart is feeling generous, 2 to rolls.)
Spell Lore: 0
Enchanting: 0
roll 1: 2 (
2) = 4
roll 2: 4 (2) = 6
Roll 3: 11 (
2) = 13
Roll 4: 17 (+2) = 19

No crit successes.

You learn some more about how spells function on this plane.
The lower level spells merely require mana to be performed.
Mid Tier spells require the previous plus either gestures, or spoken words, to be performed.
High tier spells require the previous, plus foci to perform
very high tier spells require the previous plus some reagents that will be consumed to be performed
max tier spells become very ritual-like, requiring very precise actions, with horrible results should they fail.

You learn some about how Enchanting works on this plane.
Enchantments can be destroyed if the item takes too much durability damage.
Polished gems have more magical power than rough gems, and even rough gems store more power than gold. Silver golds less power than gold, and is almost never used, since it typically only holds one or two charges.
They must be repaired occasionally, as a result of the magic being sapped out of them.
Basic enchantments usually require gold dust (or gem dust) and mana to be performed.
mid tier enchantments usually require gold plating to ensconce, or a single small gemstone set within the item, to be enchanted, though this can be rather thin.. a handful of gold coins normally does it, or one gem.
high tier enchantments can require a combination of gold and gemstones to function.
There are rumors of enchantments that feed themselves, either sucking the mana, life force, or even eating meats and plants, to fulfill itself. One hillarious tale recounts an enchantment that was only recharged by a dragon’s mate berating him on his… ahem.. bedroom prowess.

Gained 20 Spell Lore Exp
Gained 20 Enchanting Exp

1 Action Point remaining.

Patdragon's Actions Week 1

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