Kida's Actions Week 1

I’ll use 2 actions to go explore the mines and try to discover new resources using my high perception

(DC 10)
Mining Skill: 0
Fluff Bonus (2)
7(Failed to Find any) 11(Found 1) (Quartz Vein 50/50)

Gained 7 Mining Exp.
Gained 2 Stealth Exp.
5 Action Points Remaining.

Kida floated along the passages of the mines, his massive, solitary eye rolling back and forth as he left a steady stream of drool behind him. He was searching the walls, the floors, the ceilings, trying to discover any new resources, or abandoned tools. The single massive eye, he figured, made him the perfect scout, giving him unparalleled perception. While the ocular orb was, indeed, quite large, offering him excellent vision, if not giving horrible depth perception, he had no experience at all at searching for veins of ore or gemstones. As such, during his searches, he was only able to detect a solitary vein of quartz. He had almost passed it by, the only thing to be noticed being a small, clear portion jutting out of the rocks. Excited, he memorized the location, and rushed back to inform the D’jinn Crystal of his find.

Kida's Actions Week 1

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