game's Actions Week 1

make a spade and build a farm plot outside; plant seeds there.
[AP to Use:1]

Game thinks about making a spade, then decides, Who needs to dig a hole? Instead, he decides to invent a Hoe, Yo.

Grabbing a Short Blade (Wooden in this case), some wooden Dowels, and a Long Pole, he smashes it all together and Discovers the following Recipe:

[Simple Hoe]
Useful for turning tr… earth. You know, for Planting Seeds to Germinate into baby plants.
[Base Durability: 10]
[Base Damage: 1d1]
[Only gives a Bonus to Foraging while Farming]
[+1 Foraging Per 10 Durability, Each D# damage, Attack Speed]
[Base +1 Foraging for Farming Actions]

And Creates the following:

(Carpentry Skill, Go, DC 10) 15

[Simple Oak Hoe]
[Damage: 1d1]
[Durability: 8/8]
[Swing Speed: -1]
[Range: 2 Tiles]
1 Foraging while Farming]

Carpentry Gained 10 Exp

Farming Time!
Did not specify what seeds to plant. Will attempt to plant 1 Wheat, 1 Flax.
DC 10, DC 10
3, 15

Gets the flax into the ground. loses the wheat seed.

Flax will take 1 week to sprout,
3 Weeks to Mature,
4 Weeks to Bloom.
5 Weeks to produce seeds.

(You can either gather the produce at 4 weeks, losing seeds, or wait until 5 weeks and gather the seeds, with a reduced amount of produce.)

Gained 15 Foraging Experience.

Actions Remaining: 4

Gamemaker watched everyone rushing about to gather food outside of the mines, then turned his gaze towards the handful of seeds they had stashed in the storage room. In the real world, he had been the lead designer of most of the titles produced at Enterplay, though the company had long since collapsed. As such, he was good at looking at the larger picture. Grunting to himself, he began to search around the storage room for a shovel, and finding one, stops to consider if one would even really be the proper tool to do this.

It was obviously that they had to get seeds into the ground. Start growing your crops now, and you could harvest in a few months, never have to worry about foraging out for food, and could potentially grow exactly what they wanted. Surely, gathering from a farm plot would be fair easier, and faster, than foraging out in the woods. Getting the seeds into the ground however, was a more difficult task. He’d never planted a thing in his life, and the cactus he once had sitting on his desk, died within a week. How was he supposed to know that you can’t “Water it for the year”?

So what to use to plant some seeds? The idea comes to him the instant that he starts thinking about Slim Farmer 2010. You start off with a hoe, of course. Jumping to his feet, he tore through the storage room, until, finally, he had a gathering of random components. He set about tinkering with them, smashing a dowel into place, and before he knew it, he had a wooden hoe, fully functional and ready to ship, with no bugs to be seen. All that was left was one final beta test.

Making his way out of the Mines, he leapt over Badge’s pitfall, barely making it, and moved halfway between the entrance and the lake. There, he began to till the earth, turning up fresh soil and making several five foot long, one foot wide mounds. Having only taken a handful of each seed, he carefully planted them, scooping dirt back over them and running to the lake. He gathered up handfuls of water and ran back towards the mounds, splashing and dripping the whole way, as he watered each seed. Whether he succeeded or not, he wouldn’t know for a few more months, but he was fairly confident about those flax seeds. Fairly confident, indeed. Brimming with pride, he leapt back across the pitfall, and descended into the depths of the mines once more.

game's Actions Week 1

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