Alaen's Actions Week 1

I’ll use my actions to look for gems or gold.
[AP to Use:?]

Searching For That Money Thing (Cuz he ain’t got none)

DC 10
[Found 7 Small Unpolished Rubies]
[Found 22 Gold Coins]
[Found 1 Large Polished Emerald]
[Found 1 Medium Polished Ruby]

Perception Roll:
DC 10

Perception Roll 2:
Dc 5

While searching around for Gems and Coins around the Dungeon, Alaen notices that Gremlins, Kobolds, and Minotaur are actually running around quite a bit. A bit of investigating reveals that they’re actually gathering resources and items that have exceeded the carrying capacity of the groups of creatures sent out to work, and a few of the D’jinn-Born Possessed Creatures. These Creatures are obviously tasked as Gatherers, who function to pick up excess things around the Dungeon, and organize them into store rooms. Store rooms which, speaking of which, are past capacity, resulting in items more or less being strewn randomly about the Dungeon. This, of course, means it will be more likely for things to get lost in the future, and for things to be stolen, if the situation is not rectified by either expanding the current storage room, building more chests to improve it, or building specialized storage rooms.

Meanwhile, it seems that the gatherers are discussing how risk it is to gather further away from the Dungeon, and how they already have their hands full. In the future, Not only will the D’jinn-Born need to work with the Crystal to determine what portion of the Population to devote to general tasks, but each creature will only be able to carry back whatever it can currently carry, and whatever cannot be carried will be abandoned.

(Next week, all creatures and characters will have both a max capacity of how many items they can carry, as well as a maximum weight, determined by strength. Thankfully, Donnigan invented some items that can help you out.)

Gained 1 Perception.
Gained 20 Mining Exp.

Actions Remaining: 3

“Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, Keep Rollin’, Rollin’..” The song echoed in Alaen’s head constantly, as he floated along the mines. The front man for a band in the real world… nah, actually, he was just the bassist. Still, he got to perform with the band, and it gave him plenty of time to play games on the tour bus, since he didn’t really need to practice as much as the others. Music was his passion. Music, and video games. Now, as he found himself trapped in the body of a drooling beholder, his mental facilities stronger than ever, he did the first thing that he figured you always do in a game. He was hunting down gold and gemstones. "Money.. Get away… " He muttered the lyrics to himself as he scanned left and right with his gigantic central eye, searching for any sign of a few coins.

His search took him through the mines, and even out into the woods nearby. Occasionally, he’d find the odd coin dropped by someone, or, when he was really lucky, a fallen gemstone, long since forgotten. The whole time, he couldn’t help but notice that the creatures and other D’jinn Born that had been out gathering, simply didn’t have the ability to bring back everything they had found. Instead, they had abandoned over seventy-five percent of their finds, which the Gremlins were now hurriedly gathering up and bringing back into the mines, loading up minecarts at the entrance and sending them deep into the dungeon. Their methods were rather chaotic, and they simply were leaving things where ever they felt, with the storage room filled to capacity.

“To share with me his fate… Wooo, we outta space..”

Alaen's Actions Week 1

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