“You have been selected for an exclusive look at our new game, ’D’jinn Keeper 3’! You and a choice group of people will have the chance to get your hands on this amazing piece of gaming software, fifteen years in the making! Enclosed is your round trip airline ticket and your check-in pass for your hotel accommodations. Can’t wait to see you there!”

With those fateful words, everything you knew of this world was shattered. Thousands of people attended this “Sneak Peak” of D’jinn Keeper 3, a game that you had been looking forward to ever since D’jinn Keeper 1 and 2. For years, there was a massive legal battle over the rights to the game, until, finally, BullGrippli Interactive managed to wrestle control, and began pumping all of the current-gen tech, and tons of next-gen, into the project. After years of silence, you find yourself sitting in front of a computer, in a room absolutely packed with other gamers like yourself. The smell of pizza and body odor is strong in the air, and despite the air conditioning of the small convention center working overtime, the sheer amount of people has made the room quite stifling.

Thus, when your vision begins to swim, just a bit, you write it off as the heat. That is, until your vision goes black, and you find yourself someplace else.


D’jinn Keeper finds you, an average gamer, trapped within the world of D’jinn Keeper. What was considered just a game, was actually a gateway into an entirely different dimension. A dimension with rules very different than our own. You will find yourself possessing one of the inhabitants of this realm, whom refer to you as a ’D’jinn-Bred’. D’jinn are mighty creatures capable of controlling the minds of the creatures of the realm, by ensconcing themselves into a massive crystal.

This prevents them from moving around on their own, or defending themselves with any means, besides magic, and thus, they normally task their minions to build massive dungeons around them. Of course, magic takes fuel, and a D’jinns magic is fueled by mana, which can be ripped from alchemical practices utilizing gold and gemstones. The D’jinn Crystal itself draws power from the souls of those slain within the Dungeon, however, the more exposure one has to a D’jinn Crystal, the less power it can draw from their souls, should they die. As such, most D’jinn try to lure adventurers into their dungeon, by setting out loot and spreading rumors across the realm. The trick is then to slay these adventurers, and harvest their souls, thus making the D’jinn Crystal even more powerful, unlocking new spells, greater magical power sources, and allowing the D’jinn within to utilize new powers and abilities, such as Auras and Boons.

Though D’jinn-Born can be reborn, should they die, their spirits will wander, until they randomly possess a new creature. This possession is automatic, and thus, they cannot control what creature they are reborn into. Two D’jinn cannot dwell within a single D’jinn Crystal, and as such, the previous crystal must either be destroyed, and a new one built on its place, or the previous D’jinn ejected somehow, in order to claim a dungeon as your own.

Though true D’jinn have a corporeal form, like other such ‘monsters’, D’jinn-Born do not, having the spirit and some of the abilities of a D’jinn, but not all. All players are D’jinn-Born, and will be randomly placed within one of the creatures in the Dungeon, if they should die. D’jinn-Born may pick one of the creatures in the Dungeon to possess, at the start of the game.

The goals of the game are truly up to you, but finding your way back to your original world, would certainly be of interest to some.

Of course, it might seem like claiming the D’jinn Crystal for yourself is a grand goal, but D’jinn within a D’jinn Crystal must have the acceptance of all creatures aligned with its D’jinn Crystal, in order to perform actions, or issue orders. Until your arrival, this was not a problem, as the creatures were all enslaved to the D’jinn within the Crystal. With your arrival, however, this is not the case, and as such, the D’jinn will need to offer choices to the D’jinn-Born, and get the majority to agree with it, before he can issue forth orders.

Should the D’jinn Crystal be destroyed, the creatures within the Dungeon will go “Blank”, essentially falling into a coma. What effect this has on the D’jinn-Born is yet to be known.